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Marriot Trying to Reach Net Zero Emission By 2050

Marriott Hotels - Net Zero Emission by 2050

Marriott Trying to Reach Net Zero Emission By 2050

Marriot International has established a long-term science-based goal of reaching net-zero. The effort is part of the Race to Zero worldwide programmes.

To meet this goal, Marriot plans to increase its use of renewable energy, construct structures that maximise renewable electricity, continue to modify design standards to make buildings more efficient, and install automation systems and energy efficiency upgrades such as thermostats, according to a statement from the company

“We are driven to make a positive and sustainable impact wherever we do business”, said Anthony Capuano, CEO of Marriott.

“The rigorous climate commitment to reach net-zero emissions is a necessary step for us to do our part to help the communities and environments where we live, work, and visit remains resilient and vibrant. Even as we endure one of the industry’s most challenging periods, we recognise that this aim will be tough to achieve, we are honoured to join enterprises and organisations all across the globe in their efforts to combat climate change and create a healthier, more sustainable future.”

As part of the company’s current 2025 sustainability targets, Marriott’s hotel portfolio has been striving to minimise the company’s carbon footprint. The hotel chain has now joined the Race to Zero, a worldwide programme sponsored by the United Nations that encourages businesses, communities, regions, and financial and educational institutions to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

As part of the agreement, members pledge to lower emissions across all scopes in a timely and equitable manner per the Paris Agreement with clear action plans and aggressive near-term objectives.

The worldwide hotel company has begun to reduce single-use plastics by replacing tiny single-use shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel bottles in guestroom showers with bigger pump-topped bottles. When fully implemented, the expanded toiletry programme is estimated to save over 500 million small bottles from landfills each year by 2022.