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Outbound Airline Reservations From Mainland China Are On The Rise - Survey Reveals Survey Results, China, December 27th

Outbound Airline Reservations From Mainland China Are On The Rise – Survey Reveals

On December 27th, Group saw a startling 254% rise in outgoing airline reservations from mainland China compared to the previous day. Following China’s decision to reopen its borders on December 27, flights destined for Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), Japan, and Thailand surged to become the top five tourist destinations.

Singapore was the fastest-growing location, with flight reservations increasing by a factor of six, followed by average increases of 400% for the other four destinations. In addition, long-haul airline reservations to the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia increased.

Based on internet searches for outgoing flights, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hangzhou occupied the top five positions as China’s most popular departure destinations. In the meanwhile, the rising demand for international travel is reflected by a surge in the number of foreign visitors interested in visiting China.

According to statistics from Group, reservations for incoming flights skyrocketed 412 percent on December 27 compared to the same time on December 26. Australia, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong SAR topped the top inbound travel origins list.

Jane Sun, CEO of Group, said, “The move would create enormous opportunities for both the Chinese inbound and outbound travel markets. As one of the first tourism companies to tap into the international market, Group provides outstanding global one-stop services. But, of course, opportunities always come with challenges. While rapidly expanding our global network, Group is also preparing for the added pressure on the service system expected to be brought about by the demand increase. We are confident that we can supply Chinese travelers unable to travel the world for three years with a safe and enjoyable trip.”