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Road trips in USA on the rise

USA road trips 2023

Record-Breaking Year for American Road Trips in 2023

In 2023, Americans embraced road trips like never before, setting a new annual record by driving a staggering 3.263 trillion miles across the nation. This milestone, reported by Reuters and confirmed by the Transportation Department, marks the first increase in miles driven since before the pandemic, surpassing the 2019 record of 3.261 trillion miles by 2.1 percent.

Several factors contributed to this surge in road travel. With more Americans returning to the office for work five days a week, reminiscent of pre-pandemic times, the need for regular commuting has fueled an increase in road trips. Additionally, lower gas prices in 2023 compared to the previous year have made driving more affordable and appealing.

The contrast in travel patterns is evident when comparing 2020, a year marked by deep lockdowns and the height of the pandemic, which experienced an 11 percent decline in miles driven, the lowest since 2003. However, this trend reversed in 2021, with an 8 percent increase in miles driven as restrictions eased.

Looking ahead, a report published in December suggests a positive outlook for gas prices in 2024, with the national average expected to range between $2-4 per gallon. This forecast indicates a slight decrease in gas spending for families, with a predicted two percent reduction compared to 2023 and a significant 12 percent decrease compared to 2022.