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Single-Use Plastics in Aviation Industry - A Report from IATA

The report from IATA, titled "Reassessing Single Use Plastics Products in the Airline Sector"

Single-Use Plastics in Aviation Industry – A Report from IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released a new report on single-use plastics (SUPP) in the aviation industry, in partnership with WRAP and Travel Without Plastic. The report, entitled “Reassessing Single Use Plastics Products in the Airline Sector,” highlights actionable recommendations for reducing and ultimately ending single-use plastic use in the industry.

This report comes ahead of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) developing an international legally binding agreement on SUPP use by the end of the year, using an intergovernmental negotiating committee. Single-use plastics are used in many facets of the aviation industry, including throw-away water bottles, toiletry kits, and in-flight meals.

Improving cabin waste performance and replacing SUPP are paramount goals in the industry. However, the lack of broader recommendations can leave the industry without a system or guide to follow. The report emphasizes the importance of reducing SUPP in the aviation industry and provides recommendations for airlines and their partners to achieve this goal. It also recommends the establishment of a SUPP reduction target for the industry, as well as the development of a SUPP reduction plan for each airline. Theere is also an emphasis in the report on the importance of collaboration between airlines, airports, and suppliers to reduce SUPP use.