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Sixty Collective Introduces 'Civilian Hotels'

The Sixty Collective Team Has Been Preparing To Establish A More Inexpensive, Eco-Conscious Boutique Hotel

Sixty Collective Introduces ‘Civilian Hotels’

Civilian Hotels is a new hotel brand launched by hotelier Jason Pomeranc within the Sixty Collective portfolio. The new boutique brand’s first site will open this year in Miami Beach, and there are plans to add locations in numerous major urban regions across the world.

“This is going to be an exciting year for Sixty Collective,” said Pomeranc. “Consumers should expect some exciting business announcements, innovative partnerships, and aggressive expansion news planned for 2020. The first of which is the launch of our spinoff brand, Civilian Hotels.”

The Sixty Collective team has been preparing to establish a more inexpensive, eco-conscious boutique hotel as a supplementary brand to Sixty Hotels for more than a year, according to Pomeranc.

While the Sixty brand has always provided active common spaces with a range of restaurants and rooftop lounges, it was only natural for them to create a comparable, hyper-stylish offshoot brand that is more economical and attractive to the youthful smartphone-equipped, artist-minded tourist.

Civilian will not be a complete departure from our avant-garde, culture-driven boutique style; but, Pomeranac understands that in today’s sharing economy, modern travelers emphasize value, authenticity, and experiences above all else.

The concept will be aimed toward the next generation of travelers, but it will be accessible and inexpensive to everybody. Civilian is our democratic reaction to the a-la-carte revolution, which has ushered in a new generation of value-driven, experience-hungry consumers.

In an industry where hotel brand names can be a real head-scratcher, Pomeranc opted for the name Civilian to capture this brand’s true essence. “Civilians speak to the idea of democracy of style and without pretension,” he said. “It simply feels right for our next-generation product.”

The new brand will be a daring new idea that mixes form and function, with cutting-edge technology, flexible floor plans, distinctive design, and boutique practices for the experience-seeking customer.

Pomeranc’s objectives for this business include blurring the barriers between luxury and economy, similar to how the fashion industry is changing. He said, “Value, style, and quality should not be mutually incompatible.”