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Top Destinations: New York, Istanbul, and Dubai Reign Supreme

Skyscanner Unveils UK Travel Trends for 2023: New York, Istanbul, and Dubai Top the List

In a retrospective glance at the year that was, global travel marketplace Skyscanner has provided insights into the travel patterns of UK holidaymakers in 2023. From popular destinations to budget-friendly options, here’s a breakdown of how the UK explored the world last year.

Top Destinations: New York, Istanbul, and Dubai Reign Supreme

New York took the lead as the most favored destination for UK travelers in 2023. From savoring a bagel to exploring the vibrant streets and indulging in Chinatown’s soup dumplings, the appeal of the city that never sleeps captured the hearts of UK globetrotters.

Securing the second spot was Istanbul, renowned for its culinary delights that left a lasting impression on travelers in 2023.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives Dominate 2023 Choices

In a shift towards more cost-effective travel, UK tourists explored alternative European cities that offered both culture and cuisine without breaking the bank. According to Skyscanner data, Vigo emerged as the most budget-friendly flight destination, with return flights averaging just £61 per person. Boasting uncrowded beaches and exquisite seafood, Vigo is positioned as an underrated Spanish gem.

Furthermore, Skyscanner identified Dengkil in Malaysia as the most economical city for a three-star hotel stay, providing affordability without compromising proximity to Kuala Lumpur.

Cheapest 2023 Flights, Hotels, and Car Rentals Revealed

Skyscanner’s analysis extends to identifying the cheapest destination to book each month for UK travelers in 2023, as well as the most budget-friendly three-star hotel stay and city for car rentals:

  • Dengkil, Malaysia, emerged as the most affordable city for a three-star hotel stay.
  • Bucharest claimed the top spot for the cheapest car hire, with UK travelers paying an average of £13 per day.

Skyscanner’s trends expert, Laura Lindsay, comments on the UK’s travel habits, noting that the country has embraced international travel despite financial constraints. She anticipates a continued focus on value in 2024 but emphasizes the importance of cultural exploration.

Looking ahead to 2024, Skyscanner predicts a trend of UK travelers exploring smaller, lesser-known European cities, with Vigo topping the list. Faro in Portugal is also expected to offer great value, with a significant drop in flight prices over the past year.