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Evolving landscape of fuel consumption and costs within the U.S. airline industry.

U.S. Airlines' November 2023 Fuel Trends

U.S. Airlines’ November 2023 Fuel Trends Unveiled by Transportation Statistics Bureau

In a recent update, the Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has divulged the fuel consumption and cost data for U.S. airlines in November 2023. The figures indicate a notable shift in both usage and expenditure compared to previous months and years.

U.S. scheduled service airlines saw a 5.4% reduction in fuel consumption, utilizing 1.504 billion gallons in November 2023. This marked a decrease from October 2023 (1.589 billion gallons) but represented a 4.1% increase compared to pre-pandemic November 2019.

The cost per gallon in November 2023 stood at $3.01, showing an 11-cent decline (3.4%) from October 2023 ($3.12) but a substantial $1.02 increase (51.5%) from November 2019. The total fuel expenditure for November 2023 amounted to $4.53 billion, reflecting an 8.6% decrease from October 2023 ($4.96 billion) and a significant 57.8% rise from November 2019.

Year-over-year changes in fuel consumption and cost reveal a 5.4% rise in domestic fuel consumption, a 4.6% decrease in domestic fuel cost, and a notable 9.4% decrease in cost per gallon for November 2023. Domestic fuel consumption dipped by 5.2% from October 2023 to November 2023 but rose by 3.2% compared to November 2019, mirroring an increase in airline passenger travel over the same period.

The historical context of fuel usage by U.S. airlines (total) scheduled service highlights the following key data:

  • November 2019: 1.44 billion gallons
  • November 2022: 1.40 billion gallons
  • October 2023: 1.59 billion gallons
  • November 2023: 1.50 billion gallons

Similarly, the cost dynamics per gallon for U.S. airlines (total) scheduled service are outlined as follows:

  • November 2019: $1.99
  • November 2022: $3.32
  • October 2023: $3.12
  • November 2023: $3.01

Examining the total fuel cost for U.S. airlines (total) scheduled service reveals the following financial trends:

  • November 2019: $2.87 billion
  • November 2022: $4.64 billion
  • October 2023: $4.96 billion
  • November 2023: $4.53 billion

This comprehensive overview provides insights into the evolving landscape of fuel consumption and costs within the U.S. airline industry.