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Many UK hoteliers under stress, thinking of changing

Stress Levels Soar Among British Hoteliers: Study Shows Majority Considering Leaving Roles

A recent study by Profitroom, a leading booking platform, has revealed alarming statistics about the stress levels of British hoteliers. The study found that more than half of hoteliers are on the brink of burnout, with nearly 70% considering leaving their roles due to stress.

During peak Christmas and summer periods, 72% of hoteliers described their stress levels as “high.” Factors contributing to this stress include a staffing crisis, rising interest rates, inflation, and the need to adapt to market changes and technological advancements.

Patryk Luszcz, Profitroom’s regional director, expressed concern over the findings, stating, “Our UK hoteliers are navigating some complex challenges and are currently feeling the heat.” He emphasized the need for the hospitality industry to address these issues and support hoteliers.

The study also highlighted the importance of direct bookings for hoteliers’ satisfaction, with many believing that an automated booking and marketing system would help reduce stress and increase satisfaction levels.

In addition, the survey uncovered that General Managers carry the most significant burden of stress, with many stating they would prefer to deal with tasks such as getting through the airport with their children or completing a tax return rather than managing hotel costs and OTA fees.

To alleviate stress and improve satisfaction, hoteliers identified several tools that would be beneficial, including booking system automation/self-service, marketing automation, and a comprehensive channel manager to manage inventory, rates, and OTAs.

Profitroom aims to provide hoteliers with user-friendly and innovative booking technology to alleviate stress and increase revenue. They urge hoteliers to consider tech partnerships that can improve direct bookings and reduce workload, ultimately leading to a more satisfying work experience.

The study’s findings serve as a wake-up call for the hospitality industry, highlighting the urgent need to address the stress and challenges faced by hoteliers in order to ensure a sustainable and thriving sector.