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Female travelers getting more attention from travel companies

WayAway Wants to Cater More to Female Travelers

WayAway, a travel search comparison website, is urging the travel industry to recognize and cater more effectively to female audiences. This call comes in the wake of a recent survey of 2,477 female travelers in the United States, which revealed that 82% of travel decisions are made by women, with only 10% indicating that their partner planned the entire trip.

The survey results shed light on the types of holidays women take, with half of respondents traveling at least once last year with children and/or their partner, while only 29% traveled alone. Despite the majority reporting positive travel experiences, 17% expressed not having enough time to themselves, 13% felt the need for another vacation to recover, and 8% admitted to not including any activities for themselves during their holiday.

Janis Dzenis, Director of Communications for WayAway, emphasized the need for the travel industry to better serve female travelers. He stated, “The current range of travel services and booking tools available to women do not ‘inspire inclusion’ – the International Women’s Day theme for 2024 – in any way. There’s an economic as well as a moral case for targeting female travelers here that almost our whole industry is ignoring.”

He further added, “Travel service providers, tour operators, and travel intermediaries should be thinking about how to create products that ensure female travelers, particularly those traveling with children, are able to have a more equitable experience. That’s not an easy task, we know, but right now, we don’t see anyone trying to fulfill what would seem, on the surface at least, to be more than just a niche.”