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new hotel chain launches in Europe

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The Launch of a New European Hotel Chain

Quartz Inn Hotels & Resorts, a New British hotel chain, was revealed on November 3 at the World Travel Market in London.

According to managing director Ignacio Merino, the company is made up of independent and sustainable hotels that are owned and run by their owners.

The goal is to make access to cutting-edge hotel technology more accessible to independent hotels that lack the resources to compete with major hotel chains. The brand will also codify service, safety, hygiene, and sustainability requirements while keeping the unique character of each business.

“Our company’s development goals call for us to have over 100 associated hotels around Europe by the end of 2022,” Merino added.

“We aim to boost direct sales for our hotels and contribute to a more sustainable tourist business by preserving local customs, lowering energy and water use, and eliminating single-use plastic in the rooms”.

 Unlike other franchise arrangements, there are no upfront or ongoing costs for assets. Quartz Inn Hotels manages all sales, marketing, internet reputation, and sustainability requirements in exchange for a small part of the sales.