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Toby AI Gamechanger

TobyAI: A Game-Changing AI Tool for Travel Advisors

TobyAI: A Game-Changing AI Tool for Travel Advisors

In a ground-breaking move, Travel Leaders Network (TLN), in collaboration with Travel Research Online (TRO), has unveiled TobyAI, an artificial intelligence engine tailored to support travel advisors. Positioned as an industry-first, TobyAI aims to enhance efficiency and marketing capabilities for TLN members.

Stephen McGillivray, Chief Partner Marketing Officer of Internova Travel Group, the parent company of Travel Leaders Network, emphasized the belief in AI’s potential to aid in marketing and improve member efficiencies. He stated, “While nothing will ever replace the human expertise that travel advisors bring to the table, it is important that our industry embraces the ways AI can streamline work and help advisors run their agencies. We’re always looking for ways to innovate, and this tool does exactly that.”

TobyAI integrates multiple large language models (LLMs), providing TLN advisors with a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Described as more than just a tech tool, it is hailed as a “valuable colleague” that allows advisors to choose the most suitable LLM for specific tasks, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Debbie Sebastian, a Travel Leaders Network member, praised TobyAI, stating, “TobyAI can take care of tedious tasks and frees me up to spend time on building my business. As a travel advisor, it is my role to build rapport with clients, understand their unique preferences and provide thoughtful recommendations.”

In a typical session with TobyAI, TLN advisors can perform a range of tasks, including crafting itineraries, drafting bios for Agent Profiler (TLN’s lead generation tool), composing client correspondence, and curating engaging social media posts.

TLN members will also gain access to DALL-E 3, the ChatGPT tool that generates images based on user text prompts.

The rollout of TobyAI within the Travel Leaders Network is set to take place over the next few weeks, promising a transformative tool for travel advisors to enhance their efficiency and client interactions.