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Global Travel Surge

Over 80 percent of the world's seasoned travelers, surpassing their pre-pandemic norms, embarked on equal or increased trips in 2023.

Global Travel Surge: Records Shattered as Experts Weigh In

The resurgence of travel reaches new heights, breaking records as reported by the “Global Rescue Fall Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey.” Over 80 percent of the world’s seasoned travelers, surpassing their pre-pandemic norms, embarked on equal or increased trips in 2023. Notably, 35 percent of respondents disclosed they traveled more than ever before, with 48 percent maintaining their usual travel frequency, and only 17 percent opting for fewer journeys.

This sustained recovery bodes well for the travel industry, with various segments like adventure and luxury travel experiencing robust growth. Dan Richards, CEO of The Global Rescue Companies, remarked, “Many places are at capacity or are over-subscribed and have waiting lists,” emphasizing the industry’s resilience.

Despite challenges such as escalating travel costs, airline disruptions, and staff shortages, the survey reveals a resilient traveler base. A majority (66 percent) did not cancel any trips in 2023, and 38 percent did not postpone their travel plans. Only a small fraction, less than 5 percent, had to cancel a trip due to rising costs, and 9 percent had to postpone their plans.

Concerns about crowding, limited flights, and lodging availability loom large, yet 58 percent of respondents did not encounter any sold-out situations. However, nearly a third (30 percent) faced obstacles in booking due to items being sold out, and 7 percent missed out on bookings three times or more. Flight unavailability affected 67 percent of respondents, compared to 41 percent for lodging and 16 percent for restaurants.

Experts anticipate the “bullwhip effect” to mitigate rising travel costs and enhance flight and lodging availability. Richards explained, “Where previously ordered but undelivered supply like airplanes, buses, and trained labor finally arrive in a market with tepid demand, falling prices will result.” The travel industry’s unprecedented rebound signals not only recovery but also potential strategies to address ongoing challenges.