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Travelers Show Preference To Short-Term Rentals- STR Survey

STR Survey About Traveler's Hotel Preferences

Travelers Show Preference To Short-Term Rentals- STR Survey

In February 2022, STR, CoStar’s hospitality analytics firm, polled over 1,300 leisure travelers to determine their degree of interest in various types of lodging when traveling for leisure travel.

Travelers are increasingly interested in self-contained accommodations, as has been the case during the pandemic. Net interest in short-term rentals stood at 16% which was consistent with the previous research performed throughout the pandemic.

Other forms of lodgings have fared less well, with all other types of accommodations generating net interest outcomes that are less than zero. This indicates that, when compared to before the pandemic, a bigger proportion of travelers are less interested in these other sort of accommodations.

Hostels continue to rank lowest on this criterion, emphasizing the negative connotations associated with shared lodging. Camping and motor homes both saw a reduction in net interest, which might be attributed to survey timing and winter weather.

In response to a follow-up question, travelers revealed their preferences for the sorts of hotels that stimulate their attention the most. Forty per cent said “COVID-19 had not impacted their hotel selections, demonstrating the stability of a substantial segment of the visitor market. However, 60 per cent responded that the epidemic had changed their hotel selections compared to two years ago”.