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Lexington Hotel Becomes First 'Plant-Friendly' Hotel for Guests

Plant-friendly Hotel To Woo Guests

Lexington Hotel Becomes First ‘Plant-Friendly’ Hotel for Guests

Lexington will become home to the “world’s first plant-friendly hotel” when Elwood, the city’s newest boutique hotel, begins offering visitors multiple “plant-friendly” suites.

Hotel guests will be able to carry their leafy buddy with them on their journey.

Guests who purchase the Gardener’s Premier Corner Room Package will also receive potted succulent, locally created botanical toiletries, and access to Pemberton’s Greenhouses, among other benefits.

“Since guests already love Elwood’s existing plant-themed design, we thought it made perfect sense to partner with VisitLEX to take things to the next level and encourage travellers to bring their beloved plants along for the adventure,” Barbara Jean Josey, director of business development and hospitality sales at Elwood Hotel & Suites, said in a statement.

“After all, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels out there. Why not offer the same Southern hospitality to the houseplants people love just as much?”

Elwood Hotel is collaborating with other local businesses that are attempting to establish themselves. Pemberton’s Greenhouse will bring additional plants throughout the hotel to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Elwood desires this extension in order to compete with other holiday homes.

“With Airbnb and other outlets like that, people don’t want cookie-cutter anymore,” said Barbara Jean Josey, Elwood’s Director of Business Development and Hospitality Sales. “We’re different and unique. We want to be a staple of the community and involved in our community.”