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Traveling Could Be A Radically Different Experience In Post-Covid World

Are you planning to travel somewhere in 2021? It could be a completely different experience compared to your earlier trips.

Many Americans, who had to cancel almost all their travel plans, are eagerly waiting on one foot to resume their normal traveling once again. However experts warn that travelind could be a much different experience this time around than what people are used to. So travelers need to be aware of it beforehand.

The entire travel experience and hotel stay experience sems to have been transformed by the Covid-19. Travelers need to take all the steps to ensure a smooth and safe trip.

What Differences Travelers Might See

  • Masks: Face covering is required whether you travel by airplane, train, bus or use any other public transportation, whether in USA or outside.
  • Road Trips: There is likely to be a substantial increase in road trips as people may avoid traveling by trains, buses or flights for distances which they can easily cover by road. People may travel in their own car or rent one. They may feel more comfortable and secure in using their own transportation as compared to using public transport services.

If you are renting a car, make sure the vehicle has been properly cleaned and sanitized. For added peace of mind, you can wipe steering wheels, door handles, control panels, etc with disinfecting wipes.

  • Air Travel: Some in-flight amenities including food and beverages may be limited or unavailable. Few airlines may continue to limit flight capacity to allow social distancing. All people flying in to USA from outside, including the US citizens, will have to provide a Covid-19 negative test result or documentation of recovery otherwise they will not be allowed to board the flight to USA.
  • Hotel Stay: You need to call and enquire the hotel you plan to stay at, if they are open. You also need to make sure the hotel is following proper safety guidelines like social distancing, wearing of masks by the staff, etc. Some amenities like restaurant dining may not be available.