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united airlines and paypal

United Airlines Pioneers PayPal QR Code Payments Inflight

 United Airlines is the first airline in the world to accept PayPal QR payments aboard its flights. The airline will use QR codes to allow passengers to pay for in-flight items with a simple scan, making the entire procedure touch-free.

The collaboration with the electronic payment giant will begin in Chicago and be pushed across the network by the end of the year.

 It is the first time an airline has accepted PayPal payments using QR code, making it quicker and faster to make a comfortable and touch-free purchase.

 It’s the latest addition to United’s array of contactless payment options, which includes anything pre-ordered food and beverages to purchases made via the airline app.

 “Our contactless payment offering is built on simplicity and choice and it’s another way we’re improving the overall experience of flying United. PayPal is a terrific partner and the technology gives our customers another easy way to make purchases, even when they’re not online. We expect to introduce even more new and innovative options for our customers in the future through our collaboration with PayPal.” Stated Toby Enqvist, Chief Customer Officer for Untied.

 While PayPal is a popular payment method on the ground, its use in the air has been hampered by spotty Wi-Fi access and the fact that not every aircraft has internet aboard. However, PayPal claims that the QR technology will function even when Wi-Fi is unavailable

 “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with United to launch our new offline QR code feature, which expands the number of sites where consumers may check out with PayPal, particularly in offline or low connectivity situations”, commented Frank Keller, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Segment Solutions and Digital Commerce at PayPal.

 To prevent any mishaps with loss of connectivity, passengers are advised to download the app prior to take-off and have payment methods linked to the QR code facility.

Reconciliation will take place once the aircraft is landed on the ground. At this point, passengers will receive an email receipt of their purchases. It’s a simple, familiar and great way to reduce contact onboard.