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Virtuoso Survey Reveals Growing Demand for Sustainable Travel

Virtuoso Survey Reveals Growing Demand for Sustainable Travel

As global concerns about climate change and environmental impact continue to rise, Virtuoso has released the findings of a survey highlighting a significant shift in travelers’ attitudes towards sustainability. The survey, conducted among seasoned travelers, indicates a strong trend towards more responsible and sustainable travel practices.

According to the survey results, over half of respondents expressed a heightened interest in sustainable tourism, driven by global developments such as geopolitical conflicts, overtourism, and climate change impacts. This growing awareness is prompting travelers to seek ways to reduce their environmental footprint while exploring the world.

One key finding of the survey is the increasing popularity of off-season travel, with 76 percent of advisors reporting that clients are choosing to travel during less crowded times. This trend is seen as a response to overtourism, with nearly half of consumers expressing a willingness to visit popular destinations during off-peak periods.

Travelers are also showing a deepening commitment to cultural experiences, with 86 percent of advisors noting that clients are investing in the cultural heritage of destinations. This includes participating in exchange programs with locals, supporting local crafts and performing arts, and aiding conservation efforts of historic landmarks.

Culinary experiences are also a focus for sustainable travelers, with 68 percent of advisors reporting increased interest in hotels and restaurants that prioritize sustainable gastronomy. This includes preferring local eateries over chains and seeking ingredients with low environmental impact.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to play a significant role in the future of sustainable tourism, according to the survey. While AI has the potential to enhance and promote sustainable travel by providing tailored itineraries and eco-conscious recommendations, some advisors expressed concerns about its impact on human interaction and the reliability of information.

Cost is not seen as a barrier to sustainable travel, with 58 percent of travelers willing to pay more for responsible travel if they understand how the funds are being used. Transparency is key, with travelers expressing a desire for clearer information and guidance from trusted sources.

Virtuoso’s Vice President of Sustainability, Javier Arredondo, commented on the survey results, saying, “Awareness amongst travelers is growing, and we’re having conversations about how to travel more responsibly in a way we didn’t even a few years ago, which is encouraging.” 

He emphasized that sustainability is now seen as an opportunity for travelers to make a positive impact while creating lasting memories.